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There's a way to get lost cell phones back

We all hate that feeling of panic once you realize you’ve lost an important item — perhaps a cell phone, a camera, sunglasses, or your child’s cherished stuffed animal. Luckily Disney World is used to this happening often, and there is a great Lost and Found system in place for helping you get your lost item back.

Disney World reports that every day, an average of 210 pairs of sunglasses are turned in and, since 1971, an estimated 1.65 million pairs of glasses have found their way into the “lost” bin. Every year, Lost and Found cast members collect more than 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, 18,000 hats and 7,500 autograph books.

Here’s what to do once you’ve lost an item:

Call (407) 824-4245 between 9am and 7pm Eastern time, then press zero to speak with an operator. Ask to speak with someone in Lost and Found. The operator will ask where you lost your item (such as a certain park or resort), then they’ll direct you to the correct Lost and Found department.

Once directed to the appropriate Lost and Found department, don’t hesitate to leave a voicemail if a cast member doesn’t answer. Make sure to say when and where you think it was lost, and give a good description, including any unique qualities of your item. For a phone or camera, tell them some recent photos that were taken, give colors and description of cases, and so on.

If you’re not sure where your item was lost and it could be in more than one location, just call back and ask the operator to be connected to the next Lost and Found department on your list.  For example, if you lost an item somewhere along a Monorail trip from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, call first to the Magic Kingdom Lost and Found, then call back and ask for the Epcot Lost and Found department.

Keep in mind that lost items are cataloged the next day, so finding your item on the day you lost it may not be possible. Stay calm and patient, and you may end up pleasantly surprised to be reunited with your lost item.

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  • My 4 year old daughter, my wife and I were at WDW Orlando last week (April 21-27). I lost my blue Olympus point-and-shoot camera (in a soft black case) in or around the Speedway in Magic Kingdom on Friday April 25, sometime between 7:30 and 8:45 pm. This was out first trip to WDW, and I had taken numerous pictures of our memories, so I am very disappointed to lose them. I would appreciate if anyone found the camera and returned it. I called WDW lost & found but they do not have it yet (as of Sunday April 27). I really wish, hope & pray that we find these priceless memories in the camera.

  • I found a little dog at magic kingdom parking lot wendsday the 15th around 6pm he was drenched and scared hungry and tired. If you own this dog please respond or post so i can get him back to his owner. Please reply with color and breed thanks. I do not know where to even begin to find his owners for there seems to be no animal control nearby. He is not chipped I took him to petsmart to check.

  • Was just at Hollywood studios and someone actually stole my camera from the camera bag when imy stoller was parked. I am devastated!

  • A Sony Cybershot camera we borrowed for our first ever visit to Disneyworld slipped out of my pocket on July 15,2014 at the Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld. I knew it was there because I was going to take a picture before we went in and was going to take a picture minutes after we came out. I requested to get back in but the lady at the door refused and said she was going to check for us. She came out in two minutes saying it was not there. She says they check between rides. A gentlemen staff came out holding a black square object in his hand and rushed out as if looking for some one. We immediately approached the lady , who was closer to us and she said No, they did not find anything. By then, we had lost sight of the gentleman. She said that they check after the park closes, after midnight and bring everything over to Lost and Found. We were confident that it would be found. I have checked with lost and found since and they say it was never turned in. I wish for the Disney Magic to be there for us and at least get the memory card back. We would like to see the other Disney Parks soon without this experience to tarnish the magic. If you find it, please give us back the memories. Thanks.

  • Hi Cynthia – We aren’t affiliated with Walt Disney World – we are a fan site about Walt Disney World. If you have lost an item you can call (407) 824-4245 between 9am and 7pm Eastern time, then press zero to speak with an operator. Ask to speak with someone in Lost and Found. The operator will ask where you lost your item (such as a certain park or resort), then they’ll direct you to the correct Lost and Found department. Hope you find your camera!

  • Thank you, thank you! for the information. I lost my Tilley hat, very dear to me, at the Barnstormer ride a week ago. I almost gave up the idea of finding it unitl I saw this post. Called the number, had the information they require and a few minutes later, voila! Sara found Iit, she’s mailing it back to me because I’m in Florida. Thank you again Kristen, I’m a happy girl.Sweet!

  • I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses at the Magic Kingdom at WDW on Sunday, Nov 23rd, 2014. They have black frames and were most likely in a black nylon soft case.

    Reward if found.

  • Lost our Black Olympus TG-620 waterproof digital camera. It is camera only without its neoprene case. It would have been somewhere in WDW Magic Kingdom between Tomorrowland to Fantasyland in the area of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on the night of Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014 during the Very Merry Christmas Party. Would have been 9pm or later. Please please if it’s found, I’m willing to give up the camera if I can have the memory card back. Thank you.

  • My 8 year old daughter lost her little handbag on the way to downtown disney from Art of Animation Hotel on the 30th December 2014 – she is distraught as her first trading pins and lapel were in the bag along with her first mobile phone. I have registered the item as lost and hoping that someone will have handed these in. The bag was a pink and black with a spotted print flap containing the lapel, trading pin and white mobile. We are now back home in Scotland but happy to pay for any shipment costs should the bag and contents be recovered.

  • I lost a reboc (sorry for the spelling) jacket. It is black with two stripes of dark gray on the arms. It is a size large and if anyone from Magic Kingdom knows if it is lost and found then please tell me. It is very important to me.

  • Lost my Nikon digital lense camera It was in grey /black shoulder case. It was lost at either the monorail at 4:45 pm on 4/1/2015 or I left on the bench C15 at the transportation center. Thanks for your help

  • My daughter lost in Epcot a little cow, black and white with an purple outfit, in april 6th 2015.. She leave it on the stroller. She is devastated, she has not stop crying

  • My boyfriend lost his iPhone 6 Plus in a black otter box case on April 21st in the Magic Kingdom over in Tomorrowland near the Monster’s Inc show between 11:30-12:30. If anyone has seen it please email me at [email protected]. I have been dealing with Disney’s Lost and Found and they don’t have it. I am at my wits end because it contained hundreds of pictures of our trips to both Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. It does have a Find My iPhone Lock with my contact number attached. Thank you all.

  • my son left his baby blanket in the in riverside port orleans on 10/ 29/ 2015. if found please take to lost and found we were in room 3822. my son is chronically ill and he needs that raggedy blanket. it is 3 feet by two white with t shirt repairs and white satin border. very old

  • My little girls are devasted as one forgot their camera in the restroom near Aladdin’s magical carpet ride in Magic Kingdom on New Year’s Eve. We can buy them a new camera but we can’t replace their pictures of our family on the Sd card. I can pay for shipping for the camera back to us or just the Sd card. It is a bright yellow Fuji film digital camera. If found pls reply. 🙁

  • May 9th or 10th 2016 my family of four went to Animal Kingdom for my daughter 12 birthday from ABQ NM, We were having a great time and around noon time I noticed that my tablet was gone from my purse. I asked the employees if any one turned in a tablet and then I went to the lost and found and they said leave your name and called back and I can call up to a year

  • January 5th 2017 lost Sony A6000 camera in black case. Lost leaving magic kingdom , on ferry or Parking lot. Please return if found. So many memories on there. I’m devastated.

  • We lost a silver sony cybershot camera on Feb 26 2017 at Animal Kingdom. Birthday party pics and Disney pics and dart tournament pics if you found please return.

  • Lost an earring – diamond stud – almost 2 ct. Insured but devasted. Hoping for the best.

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