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There's a way to get lost cell phones back

We all hate that feeling of panic once you realize you’ve lost an important item — perhaps a cell phone, a camera, sunglasses, or your child’s cherished stuffed animal. Luckily Disney World is used to this happening often, and there is a great Lost and Found system in place for helping you get your lost item back.

Disney World reports that every day, an average of 210 pairs of sunglasses are turned in and, since 1971, an estimated 1.65 million pairs of glasses have found their way into the “lost” bin. Every year, Lost and Found cast members collect more than 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, 18,000 hats and 7,500 autograph books.

Here’s what to do once you’ve lost an item:

Call (407) 824-4245 between 9am and 7pm Eastern time, then press zero to speak with an operator. Ask to speak with someone in Lost and Found. The operator will ask where you lost your item (such as a certain park or resort), then they’ll direct you to the correct Lost and Found department.

Once directed to the appropriate Lost and Found department, don’t hesitate to leave a voicemail if a cast member doesn’t answer. Make sure to say when and where you think it was lost, and give a good description, including any unique qualities of your item. For a phone or camera, tell them some recent photos that were taken, give colors and description of cases, and so on.

If you’re not sure where your item was lost and it could be in more than one location, just call back and ask the operator to be connected to the next Lost and Found department on your list.  For example, if you lost an item somewhere along a Monorail trip from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, call first to the Magic Kingdom Lost and Found, then call back and ask for the Epcot Lost and Found department.

Keep in mind that lost items are cataloged the next day, so finding your item on the day you lost it may not be possible. Stay calm and patient, and you may end up pleasantly surprised to be reunited with your lost item.

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  • We recently went to the Disney theme parks from Thursday(4/21 through 4/24) My daughter lost her cell phone and couldnt remember the last time she had it but knew she lost it in the parks. I called the lost and found number on monday when we returned home. They said they hadnt found it yet and took my number in case it was found. I checked my phone messages and had a recent call from a person saying they found the phone and were turning it in to lost and found. I called the number back today telling them I received the call and Linda answered and asked basic information as to make, model, number, description of what was on it etc. She came back from checking and said they had in fact found it! They are sending it back by mail in 5 to 7 days. I really didnt think we`d ever get that phone back. So if you lose anything at Disney, please call and wait a day or two for them to process their finds and maybe call again. It really works!!!

  • Hi everyone! I lost my silver Canon camera which was inside a black case last Thursday on May 26 2011 at Magic Kingdom. I forgot the camera in the women bathroom near fantasyland castle right after the fireworks. I am devastaded. I am from Brazil and this was my first and only visit to disneyworld. The camera has many priceless pictures of my husband and I in Florida as we were celebrating our 3 year_anniversary. If you found the camera please contact me at valeriaverdolin @ hotmail . com. Thank you

  • Just got off the phone with lost & found and they located my camcorder that was lost on Big Thunder Mountain in Magic Kingdom. I was sure it was a goner. I thought Disney was the best before and this just moved them up to excellent status.
    Thanks Disney

  • My parents also lost their camcorder at Epcot(on the boat ride in Norway between 4pm and 5pm) on Wednesday June 1st.

    It is a JVC high definition camcorder in a ROOTS carrying case. If anyone has found this camera please contact me at [email protected].
    Many family memories are on that camera and would be very much appreciated if it was found and returned to my parents.

  • Left my debit card and drivers license in store on Main St, got excited when they sang Happy Birthday to my grandson taking photos and left without it , was in a plastic ziplock with a couple other items beacuse of all the rain, and is now on the way back to me Nice to know there are honet people in the world

  • We just got back from Disney World and we lost our camera at Magic Kingdom on July 9th between leaving the electric light parade and the exit gates. We were devastated because this was my 5 year old daughter’s first trip there. We contacted the Lost and Found department but nothing was turned in. It was a silver Nikon Coolpix camera with an 8 GB memory card If anyone has found this please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  • I lost my wallet in the parking lot as we were leaving Magic Kingdom. We had such a great day that I just couldn’t believe this happened. I thought that my wallet fell out of my backpack either on the tram or possibly in the parking lot but wasn’t sure and felt sick over it. I didn’t realize this until we were at the hotel. We called lost and found and they said that nothing had been returned yet, but we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom because according to comments left by other people, the best thing to do is to go back to the park. As we were going through the toll plaza, the gentleman at the toll booth told us to wait and called lost and found and my wallet was found. I was very happy to say the least. Someone had found the wallet and turned it in to the toll booth. I don’t know who it was, but thank you very much. So if this ever happens to you, call lost and found and go back to the park and try not to panic!!

  • I recently lost a navy blue( looks black in the light) canon camera… there is essential pics of my sons first months of life in the NICU to the disney vacation on July 18, 2011. please o please if it is found I would appreciate someone turning in the camera or even just the SD card and state it belong to Kerice Wint. or just contact me via email…. this is all the memories and pictures of my son that I have.

  • Hello, I lost my sliver Samsung camera in a small black case and little red jazz Canon camcorder at disney magic kingdom in Orlando Florida on 7-20-11 or 7-21-11@ night, please if found or taken keep them both just mail me the SD cards if not deleted! Last picture and video taken the bear show and Disney cruise, kids names are Laten, Trinity, Blaine, Kayla, Trent . Thank you!! 4548 dorsett shoals CT douglasville GA 30135 or 770-869-6923 [email protected]

  • On Sunday, July 31st while boarding Expedition Everest, I dropped my GoPro camera in it’s waterproof housing just as I was climbing into the car. It skittered along the deck and fell through a hole adjacent to the track, to the ground below.

    The supervisor on the ride that day, Bill, explained that they were unable to to access that area while the ride was in operation. However, he assured me that they would retrieve it when the park closed that evening, and turn it into Lost & Found. I left a record with Guest Services on our way out of the park. As of Thursday, August 4th, L&F still has no record of it. It has to be there somewhere, this is not an area that can be accessed by the public at any time. Please follow up on this for me; it is difficult to imagine this item isn’t retrievable.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I lost a turquoise bracelet in Epcot last month. I called Lost and Found, Linda looked for it but didn’t have it. It was worth a try, once I saw this article on everything they DO find. I appreciate the effort made to help their visitors who loose things in their huge and amazing parks. Big job! Thank you!

  • We just visited Disney World in the last week of August. We lost our camera on 26th of August (Red Color Nikon S80). We lost right after Fireworks in Magic Kingdom. While we want to find the camera, we certainly want to get the chip so that we can get our pictures. Lost and Found has not found that yet. Would love to hear back from any of the folks.

  • I lost my silver Canon digital camera on either the bus going to the Magic Kingdom from Coronado Springs or on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian the last day of our family vacation at Disney World which was September 10th, 2011. Six days of photos gone…I can’t begin to express how sad I am. My 7 year old daughter is very sad that she does not have the character photos to go in her autograph book. If anyone has found this camera please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you!

  • My two year old dropped our Pal Mickey (a talking interactive Mickey that uses RFID to tell where he is in the park, and what’s going on. They stopped selling them a few years ago)on Friday while we were in Magic Kingdom. I called lost and found today and low and behold, he was there. An ABSOLUTE MIRACLE. I can’t believe it. Pure Disney Magic!

  • I lost my sony digital camera , black colour on 13 december 2011, in between splash mountains and thunder mountain in Magic kingdom. it was without the case and had a white thread. If anyone has found it please
    contact me at [email protected].
    My first wedding anniversary memories are captured in it. I would appreciate if it is returned back.


  • I lost my camera case. I put my SD card, battery and PhotoPass in it, so I lost them as well. in my SD card, there are so many pictures which I took from Octorber to yesterday… I lost them in Epcot in Japan around 5pm. I still cannot find them. If somebody has them, please give them to me. I really need it. How comes somebody has my SD card… I hope I can find it! Thank you.

  • I found a Digital Camera on the Monorail December 28 while leaving the park. By looking at the camera it appears that it was a Father, Mother, teenage Daughter and a preteen son.

    They had obviously visited flown down on Southwest Airlines and stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort. They had visited Epcot and The Magic Kingdom.

    If this is you, please contact me at 502 417 9061 with details such as manufacturer and model and I will send it to you.

  • I lost my new watch in Epcot center on December the 29th. It was a silver watch with blue enamel work on it. The brand name is “Titan Raga collection”. I am still calling the lost and found to see if somebody turned it in. I would really appreciate, if it was returned to the lost and found.


  • Please the last monday (01/15/2012) i have lost my sunglasses (ray Ban similar to the aviator model) at the Mexicain atraction at Epcot Center, he fell into the water of this attraction. Did you found it?

  • We just spent a week at Disneyworld and had THE BEST vacation ever! It was our first visit and on day two we managed to lose just about everything we were carrying. I lost my cell phone on one of the rides and within 2 hours, guest services had it back to me. Then later that night, both of my girls left their sweatshirts in Epcot after the night show.
    We went to the lost and found building the next day, and they had them for us!
    Amazing! I would have thought all those things would be lost for good. A HUGE thanks to the Disney employees and to the guests who may have found them and turned them in.

    Great service! I would go back in a heartbeat!
    Thanks Disney!

  • Hi- I lost my camera at the magic kingdom park three days ago, i just called them and they were able to id the camera by the most recent pics and are sending it back to me in north carolina no problem. i am amazed. i thought for sure it was lost for good. very impressed!!

  • I actually just made one call to the lost and found department. I told the operator we didn’t know when our daughter lost her ears but gave him the description (Tinkerbell ears w/ Clara in pink on the back). He placed me on hold and within 3 minutes came back and said they had them. He took my address and said they’d go out in today’s mail! PLUS Disney paid the postage to return them to my little girl. I was so excited! He said he loved his job b/c it almost always ends with happy children on the other end of the phone. I’m so happy!

  • On our last day at Disney we realized we lost our camera at Animal kingdom, magic kingdom, the all star music resort or the shuttle to the airport. We were really upset to think that we lost all the photos of our 5 year old daughter’s first trip to Disney. I waited one day to call lost and found as suggested ( even though it was really hard to wait) and sure enough it was found in animal kingdom. Not only was the cast member really friendly but Disney paid to send it back to our home. Disney goes above and beyond in customer service and this is one of the many reasons we will make many return trips to Disney. Thank you!

  • Hello everyone,
    I lost my camera Sony DSC-W290 with 8 GB of memory wich was inside a Balck case, on monday February 06 2012 at Magic Kingdom . My daughter forgot the camera on women restroom at the castle zone. We are from Paraguay and we have many beatifull Photos of our vacation. Please let me know if you have news about it.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Wow!! I know a lot of times you hear stories of things like this happening, but you are never sure till it happens to you. My family and I visited Disney World yesterday and my son was wearing his favorite hat (Daddy’s little fishing buddy). Throughout the course of the day somewhere he lost it. When we were leaving the park yesterday evening it hit him that it was gone. He had the saddest face as his lip puckered up when I told him we would have to get him another one. Needless to say we went by the Bass Pro on the way home and to his dismay they no longer carried that hat anymore. My wife called the lost and found department this morning and I was shocked to hear the hat had been found and logged and the representative would mail it back to us. My sons face lit with joy when my wife told him they found his hat and Mickey was sending it back to him. Thank you Disney lost and found.

  • We lost our Canon Camera and camera bag. No news from Disney Lost and Found yet. I left it on the tram at T&TC. If anyone finds it please turn it in. OR at least the memory card. WE celebrated my sons 3rd birthday there.

  • Ok everyone, get this. On feb. 24 2012 we were at Disney World for the first time ever. My wife left her VERY expensive Rolex watch on a bench after a Main Street parade at Magic Kingdom. She took it off to put sun screen on. That watch was worth about 5 000$.
    She went back the same afternoon and a cast member had found it and turned it in. My jaw dropped! That watch was gone was my cynical opinion. Was I ever wrong. Thank you so much Disney and this very special cast member who turned it in. I still think not many people would have done that. Restores a little of my hope for us humans. Thank you so much again! We will be returning.

  • My son lost his personalized water bottle at Magic Kingdom. I tried calling Disney Lost & Found several times while we were there, and literally waited 20 minutes each time, and nobody ever answered. I called on Wednesday & Thursday during their posted hours, and was not given the option to leave a message. Now we are back in CO and no way to get his item back. His water bottle even has his name & phone number on it, but we never got a call. BIG BUMMER & very disappointed in Disney’s Lost & Found.

  • We recently visited the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and my daughter lost her Mickey Mouse baseball cap in one of these parks. She as well as us were very sad. We all had become attached to the cute cap ever since we had bought it in the Magic Kingdom. I called lost and found for the next two days that we were in Florida and on the final day they asked me for my address so that they could mail it to us in case it is found. To our pleasant surprise we received the cap within three days of putting in the request. Thank you so much lost and found. We had a great experience at the Disney World and is longing to visit back.

  • I found this site at 2:30 AM this morning when I discovered that I had lost my digital camera. The camera’s worth was in excess of a $1k and I resigned myself to the fact I would never see the camera again. What was even a greater loss were the pictures from my wife’s 60th birthday celebration yesterday. I would have gladly given the camera just to retrieve the memory card. After reading some of the replies on this sight I was heartened that maybe there might be a happy ending. I was on the phone at 9:00 AM this morning when the lost and found opened. I knew my prayers had been answered when after asking me to describe the contents of the bag and pictures on the camera.

    They had no information as to how the camera was located or who found it. I have no other way of offering my thanks other than this note to an individual(s) who will remain forever unknown but who has my eternal gratitude. May God bless you for your kindness and honesty.

  • Miracle and dreams come true!

    Lost my wedding ring at Magic Kingdom, nearby the Alladin attraction.

    It might fell off at the street or at the attraction…

    Thing is that less than 24 hour later I have got it back!

    Honesty, dedication, logistics, extra effort and teamwork prevailed.

    Thanks cast members!

  • After reading all of the post on lost items that have been found I thought I give this a shot! I did call Disney and report our camera being lost on one of the buses from Riverside port Orleans this was on 4/18/12 but it has not been found yet… So I’ll try this . We had an amazing time at disney and all the photos from our three kids first trip on on that camera so we are so bummed it was our first trip to Disney! It was a cannon cool pix touch screen hot pink and black case it had extra sd card in the case too! If you have seen it and not sure how to return it pls contact Disney they have all my information! This would be the greatest gift as these are memories we can’t get back!!!! I hope this works!! Thx u!!

  • It saddens me when I read all the wonderful outcomes on this page. Only because the person who now has my Camera was not so honest. I had my brand spanking new (bought just for the trip) Cannon Camera in my pocket on the morning of April 21st 2012. I took a picture at The Land in Epcot then went inside to get a Fast Pass at Soarin in a crowd of people. Then BAM it disappeared! I am sure it was stolen because it has yet to be returned. I cried for 2 days and it made me SICK to my stomach. After talking to a few people, I was told that THIEVES buy Annual passes to Disney just to take advantage of unsuspecting people like me. The string was dangling from my pocket which made it easy to pull out and not notice in a large crowd. I want to get the word out because it almost ruined my whole vacation feeling so violated. Had I known that this occurs, I would have been more careful. I now have a whole new perspective on Disney as well considering the fact that there are a thousand Security cameras around and no one offered to even take a look. The Lost and Found dept. didnt even take a report on my missing item until my 17th call!!!! It will be a VERY LONG time before I go back…IF I EVER DO!!! From someone who goes about 3 times a year, it will be very hard but I can not get this rotten taste of an experience out of my mouth and it is really SAD!!!!!!!

  • I’ve lost my ipod on the train that goes around the parks and I still have not be contacted about my lost item. And I lost it last summer. smh 🙁

  • Luis from Perú:

    The Thursday 10th I lost a camera at the Down Town Disney in the badroom closer to the bus station.

    It is a Nikon S3000 pocket camera. Please if somebody find this camera send me a e mail to [email protected] we just want to recover the pictures in the camera. Who find the it can keep the camera but please send me a E mail just to coordinate how transfer the pictures.


  • Hi,

    My family and I just got back from a wonderful vacation at Disney World today. My 8 years old sond dropped a 3ds at Downtown Disney last night. I already called the lost and found at Disney but nothing was turned in yet. I’m hopping someone turns it in so he can get it back. He is devastaded!! The 3DS is red and has a Mario Kart 7 game inside (doesn’t have cover). There are also some pictures in it and has his name in the settings: Fernando A. Marques

    Marie Archilla
    Puerto Rico

  • Lost a blue olympus waterproof camera at epcot on 6/8. Called but no luck for me. Maybe someone who found it will see this post.

  • I lost my grey Canon digital camera on September 10th, 2011 on either the bus which transports from Coronado Springs to the Magic Kingdom or on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom heading to the Grand Floridian. If found please email me…my entire 6 day Disney vacation is on this camera. My family is deeply saddened to be without these special memories. My daughter would love to have all of the photos she took with the Disney characters. Thank you! (this is a re-post, I know it has been a while but I haven’t given up hope.) My email is [email protected]

  • One rainy day, we got off the bus with the baby stroller folded up. On way to hotel room, realized my backpack not in stroller and not on wife’s back. With 4 days of 1st trip pics and a $2500 camera.I got sick. Worst of all my two little girls princess costumes in there too. Within 2 hrs, we got a call and it was found and on its way to our room. Thank u Disney !!! We can still finish our vacation happily.

  • My family traveled to Disney World in May 2012. We stayed at a Disney Resort and had the best 5 day vacation! Customer Service is not dead…in fact it’s been so long since I’ve experienced customer service, that everyday I was blown away by Disneys high level of customer service- they are the BEST. We came home from travelling and our DD came down with pneumonia, and despite drs claiming it isn’t contagious, my son came down with the same, then my husband, and then myself (all over the course of a month all confirmed w/xrays) I write this to paint a picture of how distracted you can imagine I was for the month of May and first part of June. By the time we got healthy, we realized our daughters baby doll was missing and must have been left behind at Disney… I called today, more than a month and a half after checkout and in less than five minutes they were able to confirm that they had baby and would ship her home to us! Disney is the very BEST… I’m can’t wait to go back!!!

  • We were at the Magic Kingdom in Waly Disney World on July 1st, 2012. We lost our digital camera (Sony with black case) in Tomorrow Land around the gift shop or Space Mountain. We are so devastated because this was our last evening there & it contained all of our Disney memories on it. We lost it right before the Wishes firework show. I have called lost & found everyday, & no luck. If you found our camera, you could contact me at [email protected]. If you wanted the camera, keep it! I just want the memory cards that were in it back! Those are irreplaceable. I just keep praying that the person who found it is honest & would put themselves in my shoes for a moment & realize how helpless this feels. Thanks so much!

  • I found a SD card at the Magic Kingdom park 2012 july 13 with many pictures and videos birthday party, wedding, and pictures of magic kingdom on july 9 and 10.

    PNY 4GB Premium

    [email protected]

  • My son accidentally left his iPod on a bus from our hotel to Downtown Disney. We called the transportation center and our hotel to report it lost. That was June 16, 2012. We called for three days straight until we left to come home. Now a month later, my find my iPhone app has “found” it. It has not been active for a month and now it is. I have a map showing where it is and what street, but l am back in Texas now and probably will never see it again. I’m so glad that there are honest people in the world that turn things in, we just werent lucky enough to have one of them find our iPod.

  • Found Samsung Camera, Last pictures are at Disney dated 18th August 2012. Early Photos dated July 14th, two girls, one is asian or Fillipino (I Think). Birthday Party with elderly parents at fancy resturant. Zoomed in shows name on cake is Jayne. Also a photograph of accupuncture show booth display and photos of a baby shower.


  • Lost a white iPhone 4 in Epcot, on the Journey through the Imagination ride on Friday, October 11. We went right to Guest Services. Went back again that evening after the ride closed, but no phone. I reported it to the lost and found number on Saturday, but they said it hadn’t come in yet. The pictures and phone numbers in the phone are invaluable to me. Please try to help us.
    Spoke to Owen at Guest Services on Saturday…..


  • We recently went on a trip to WDW April 6-12. The morning we were leaving Saratoga Springs Resort we left our camera. I am fairly certain it was on the ground OR the bus from the Treehouse Villas to Saratoga Springs. I put a claim in on Sunday, April 12. I am hoping it is recovered this week.

  • We were in Epcot on Wednesday, April 23rd. I left my kids autograph books from our trip at the kid cot station in England around 7:30 pm. My daughter and I are very disappointed that we lost them. My husband even stood in line for Elsa & Anna. They both had photo slots and their names inside. I hope and pray they are found. This was their first trip.

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