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Disney Food Blog Announces Release of the ‘DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks’ e-book 2014 Edition

By Traci

The Disney Food Blog has announced the release of The DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks e-book, 2014 edition! The DFB Guide to Epcot Snacks e-book features more than 290 pages of information, advice, and photos to help you get the most out of your snacking experience at Epcot. The e-book also includes photos of more than 250 snacks at Epcot, current pricing... »

Free Dining at Walt Disney World

By Kristen K.

Pizza at Epcot's Via Napoli   One of the most common Walt Disney World questions that I run into is “What is Free Dining, and how do I get it?” Free Dining is by far one of the most popular discount packages that is offered to guests by Disney.   Usually occurring on select dates during the slower fall and... »

What, Where, and How to Eat in Disney World

By admin

This is Part Five of our Free Guide to Disney World. Be sure to read all the other parts as well. There's more to know about Disney Dining than the names of the restaurants. In this section, we'll discuss: Making Advanced Dining Reservations Disney Dining Plans Tables in Wonderland Dining Discount Card Other Dining Discounts Character Meals MAKING ADVANCED DINING... »

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