Disney World Seasons

Disney World resorts and dining plans cost different amounts based on how crowded the parks and hotels are during different seasons of the year.

These seasons don’t coincide with the seasons of the year we’re used to, like Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Instead, they’re determined based on when people are most likely to visit Walt Disney World, like the December holidays, Spring break, and Summer vacation.

Occasionally rates will change for a long weekend, a Disney World Event, or a similar circumstance.

We’ve listed below each of the 2012 “seasons” that will dictate Disney World resort rates.

New Year Jan 1

Value Season 1 Jan 2-4

WDW Marathon Weekend Jan 5-7

Value Season 1 Jan 8-12

Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend Jan 13-15

Value Season 1 Jan 16 – Feb 15

Peak Season Feb 16

Presidents Day Holiday Weekend Feb 17-19

Peak Season Feb 20-25

Regular Season 1 Feb 26 – March 8

Peak Season March 9-31

Easter Season April 1-14

Regular Season 1 April 15 – July 14

Value Season 2 July 15 – Aug 17

Value Season 1 Aug 18 – Sept 27

Regular Season 2 Sept 28 – Oct 4

Columbus Day Holiday Weekend Oct 5-7

Regular Season 2 Oct 8-19

Fall Season Oct 20 – Nov 18

Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 19-22

Fall Season Nov 23 – Dec 20

Holiday Season Dec 21-31

Due to holidays, school being out of session, and standard vacation times, the most expensive seasons in which to visit are Peak season, Holiday season, and holidays.