Staying Connected on Your Disney Vacation: News Sources to the Outside World

Stay Connected at Walt Disney World

Though many travelers enjoy the idea of taking a vacation to Walt Disney World and never spending a moment thinking about the outside world, others need to stay connected to work and family that’s been left at home.

Many modern travelers need to stay connected and social, be it for business or personal reasons. Disney does it’s best to offer it’s guests a connection to the outside world in a variety of manners.

  • All Disney resort rooms come equipped with a telephone system complete with voicemail.  Messages can be left for guests by calling the resort and asking to be connected to a guest room.
  • Cell phone access within the parks can be touch and go. Some guests report fantastic coverage, while other guests experience difficulties. If you’re unable to connect via phone, simply take a stroll down to the next attraction and try again.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels in limited public spaces (such as lobbies and pool areas) as well as in the Guest Rooms. Connections can be accessed from any phone or laptop with Wi-Fi connecting capabilities.
  • In March 2012 Walt Disney World expanded cable channel options on their in-room televisions. Stations featuring the news programing include ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and ESPN amongst a wide variety of entertainment option.
  • More traditional broad reaching newspapers such as USA Today are also available in all WDW Resort Gift Shops.
  • Postal Services can be found in Deluxe Resort Business centers, as well as limited services available through the lobby Guest Relations desk.

No matter what your reason for travel, Disney strives to make it easy to connect with your colleagues and loved ones. No matter where you stay on your Walt Disney World vacation you can be sure to get the news you need when you need it.

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